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We were recently, on the East Coast of North Carolina visiting a friend who restores air meters as a hobby. He wanted to divest himself of these five air meters as he was retiring. We made a deal which helped him and was reasonable to us as well. We are listing the following units for sale at a fair price in order to pass on the items to new homes. The restored units were not done in my shop and are of an order restoration. All items are ship-able via UPS at the buyers expense. A good time to pick up very desire-able air meters which have been getting difficult to find.

For purchase call or email:

Primary Number: 410-969-2899
Cell: 410-245-3210 or 443 734-7500

Email: paulhittle@juno.com


ECO Model 97 Wall mount air meter. Circa 1950's. Un-restored as found. Functional. Excellent condition. Use as is or restore to your liking. with hose.


Completely original ECO Model 98 Air Meter " Just received....Has light socket, air line, hose with chuck. Internals are all there and seem to be working. It has been hand painted red sometime in it's past. Lower access door is hand made. It is a truly great find with correct patina for an working shop display.

Priced at $1695.00 plus shipping. Can ship UPS Ground

Eco  air meter model 97
Eco Model 97 wall mount Air Meter
In good overall condition. Needs full restoration. A nice project for the coming cold months.


Unrestored ECO 98 air meter. The meter cranks freely. The unit seems to be complete. It has a great patina. Use it 'as is' or restore to your favorite gas company.


Gilbert and Barker Model AM2E2 Air Meter. "Tire Inflator" Recovered from an Esso Gas Station in Charleston, SC. in 1998. Fully restored, lighted and completely operable. All cast iron fluted pole and base. Painted Richfield of New York colors. These are the same colors that the Sun Oil Company [SUNOCO] uses. Very rare unit. Also heavy, due to the iron composition.


Eco Model 98 pedestal air meter.  50" tall by 9" by 9".  We just received this and appears in good condition? Will need a full restoration or display "as is," for a nice patina look.    Can ship UPS Ground if needed.

Priced to sell at$1200.00 firm


ECO Model 15. Early piece. Late 30's, circa. All cast iron construction. Older restoration. Lighted Milkglass globe. Very nice and a unique item. with hose. 56" high by 10" by 10" at base.

ECO Model 98. Circa 1950's.Older restoration to Shell gasoline. Lighted face.Functional air meter with plumbed water feature. with air and water hoses. 50" tall by 9" by 9" at base.

Gilbarco Model AM12B1 BM. Circa 1940's. Restored to Sinclair Gasoline. Nice chrome and workmanship. Lighted. Cast Iron base and pole top. 49 1/2" high by 10" by 10" at the base. With hose.

ECO Model 98 Un-restored, as found. Circa 1950's. All original paint and functional with plumbed water feature. Very nice survivor piece. with hose. 53"high by 9" by 9" at base.

ECO Pedestal Air Meters. Restored, lighted, plumbed for air, calibrated and working, should the need arise. All units are carefully boxed and ready for delivery.
Eco Model 98 pedestal airmeter. Completely restored, lighted, new chrome, new hose with chuck and fully functional.....works perfectly.

ECO Pedestal Air Meter with water feature. Plumbed for air, water, calibrated to work and lighted.


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