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Unrestored Pumps starts at $600.00 Fully restored 50's pumps start at $2795.00
Call for stock information.

We carry many original and reproduction parts. A full line of reproduction gas pump globes are in stock.
Repro pumps are available either as a kit or complete.

An old "Air Powered Chassis Lubricator." Brought to use as a project of appreciation for a gentleman who collects this type of item. It was pretty bad but turned out nicely.
We had a 1924 Shotwell 200, "Private Garage" gas pump that a customer brought to us. It was installed in his Grand Father's garage when it was built in 1924. The Grand Father was a "Country Doctor" in New Jersey who made house calls, as was common at the time. At that time in history, there were not a lot of gas stations, as we know them today. His Grand Father needed to have a supply of gasoline, available to power his Model T on visits, no matter what time of day. We restored this to the original factory colors of Deep Maroon and Black. I hope his Grand Father would approve? It is now a cherished family heirloom.


This Fry 117 ten gallon was originally installed in a carriage house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Age took its' toll. We were asked to see what we could do? This is how it turned out.


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