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Currently Available and For Sale
All pumps are complete with a new hose and an original nozzle.

For purchase call or email:

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This is just in from Oklahoma. It is a 1919 Boyle Dayton Gasoline Cart. Completely unrestored....in original paint. Very sought after as an extremely early piece of automotive history. Most collectors look for the distinctive heart cut outs in the wheels. We have a new set of these solid rubber tires with it.


Wayne Model 861 Clockface Mobilgas pump. Circa 1932-38. Just acquired from a private collection in North Carolina. The restoration is perfect and comes with a white cloth hose, brass nozzle and a milk glass  globe. This is a very Rare version of this unit, and very collectable.



A.O.Smith Model L-3. Circa 1955. Used by all the Major gasoline companies. Restored in Texaco Fiechief Brand.



Martin and Schwartz Model 80 gas pump, restored to GULF Gasoline. Circa 1950.


Dayton Model 300 Visible gas pump in Mobilgas. Very rare pump. Old restoration but in very good condition. Pump is complete with the wide top bonnet. Small crank version. Circa 1925. Has a Lucite cylinder but I have the correct glass cylinder for this pump.


Bennett Model 788 pump. It was restored to Indian Gasoline. We converted it to a nice Oak bookshelf. The circa on this unit is 1949.


Completely original ECO Model 98 Air Meter " Just received....Has light socket, air line, hose with chuck. Internals are all there and seem to be working. It has been hand painted red sometime in it's past. Lower access door is hand made. It is a truly great find with correct patina for an working shop display.

Priced at $1695.00 plus shipping. Can ship UPS Ground


A.O.Smith Model 483. Circa 1959. Restored to Chevrolet Super Service. Highly polished stainless steel and chrome.
Great pump to display with muscle car era. 

Martin and Schwartz Model 80 Ad Glass top, restored to Sunoco gasoline. Circa is 1950 and the pump was originally built for Sunoco as the blue/yellow spinners attest.

Martin and Schwartz Model 80 restored to Texaco Firechief Gasoline. Circa 1950. With original porcelain faces.

Gilbarco Model 96 restored to Sinclair Dino gasoline. Circa 1938. Remanufactured, post WW2 to a shorter version to keep pace with automotive styling during the Fifties. Overall height with globe is 82 inches, which makes it a bit taller than pumps built in the 1950's era.

Martin and Schwartz Model 80 ad glass top restored
to Mobil Gas Special Gasoline.

Smithway Model 48 gas pump. Restored to Super Chevrolet Service. Mirror finished stainless steel and new chrome throughout.

Martin and Schwartz Model 80 Ad Glass Top gaspump. Restored to Texaco Firechief gasoline. Circa 1950.

ECO Pedestal Air Meters. Restored, lighted, plumbed for air, calibrated and working, should the need arise. All units are carefully boxed and ready for delivery.

Tokheim 39 circa 1951. Restored to Texaco Firechief.

Martin and Schwartz Model 80 tall base. Restored to Texaco Skychief. Circa 1948-50. Pump is 90 inches tall.


Martin and Schwartz Model 70. Circa 1937. Built exclusively for Sunoco Oil Co. using the very rare, art deco cast iron ad glass top and the blue and yellow sight glass spinners. Very, very unusual to find one that is complete. The unit has all the original porcelain door trim down the center and one original door diamond. One diamond is a repro used to complete the restoration. Just finished with all stainless polished and bright metal re-chromed.

Gilbert and Barker Model 176 Visible gas pump in Mobilgas. Old restoration. Has a Lucite cylinder but I have the original glass cylinder for this unit. Circa 1926. Very good overall condition.

Wayne Model 90 pump restored in Mobile Gas Special

Bennett Model 646 restored in Sinclair
HC gasoline.

Martin and Schwartz Model 80 restored to Texaco Firechief gasoline.

Gilbarco Model 134 circa1961. It has been fully restored to Chevrolet Super Service. Lots of chrome and polished stainless steel.


Tokheim 600 Visible. PURPLE cylinder.

Eco Model 98 pedestal airmeter. Completely restored, lighted, new chrome, new hose with chuck and fully functional.....works perfectly.

Pure Pep Up Gasoline Pump
1955 Tele-View Pumps


Rapidayton Model 1420V
Restored in Super Shell Gasoline.

Texaco Firechief Gasoline Pump
1955 Tele-View Pumps


Gilbarco Model 1100 series. Circa 1956. Restored to Texaco gasoline.

Martin and Schwartz Model 80 circa 1950. Restored to "Mobilgas Special".

Wayne 80, circa 1950. Restored to Texaco Firechief.


A.O.Smith Model 483 Circa 1958 restored into Super Chevrolet Service

A.O.Smith Model 483Circa 1958 restored into Sunoco Racing Fuel


Rapidayton Model 1420V Circa 1940.
Restored in Shell.

Martin and Schwartz Model 80 Circa 1950 restored to Sinclair Dino gasoline.


National 300 series restored to Mohawk gasoline with the racing motif. Complete with a new hose and original nozzle.

Martin and Schwartz Model 80 restored to Gulf gasoline.

Martin and Schwartz Model 80 restored with the Ad-glass top. It has been restored to Gulf gasoline

Martin and Schwartz Model 80 restored to Texaco Firechief Gasoline.


Tokheim Model 39 restored to Phillips 66 gasoline. Circa 1947.

Gilbarco Model 904 pump restored in Sinclair Dino Gasoline


Martin and Schwartz Model 80 Mobil Gas Special Script Top.
All original in very good condition. Has good plastics.

ECO Pedestal Air Meter with water feature. Plumbed for air, water, calibrated to work and lighted.

Tokheim Model 300 restored in Texaco Skychief

Martin Schwartz Model 80, circa 1950, restored in Texaco Firechief

Bennett 541 restored in Signal Gasoline

Wayne Model 90

Rapidayton Model 1510. Circa 1948. Restored to Poly Gas from the Wilshire Co. Los Angeles,Calif

Martin and Schwartz 70 restored in Mobilgas
It has a rare ad glass top

Martin Schwartz Model 80 restored in Texaco Skychief.

ECO Model 98 Airmeter. This unit has been restored inside and out. Fully functional for air delivery. With the light tower.

Gilbert Barker Model 96, circa, 1938, restored in Phillips 66

Eco Air Meter Pedetal

Five gallon gasoline delivery measuring can
Dated 1926

Five gallon gasoline delivery measuring can
Dated 1926

Gilbarco Model 906 restored in Gulf

Gilbarco Model 996 restored in Texaco Skychief

1950 Smithway Model L1 pump restored in Texaco Skychief.

Martin & Schwartz Model 80 Ad Glass Top. Restored in Texaco Firechief gasoline.

Sinclair Dino M & S 80

Gasboy gas pump fully restored in Shell Gasoline with original porcelain. Contains lead signs and a new Shell porcelain front sign.With hose and proper nozzle.


Eco 97 Airmeter. Old Restoration from
Lancaster, Pa. service station.

Sunoco Pump
texaco pump
Bennett 810 visible gas pump with an old restoration in Phillips 66 Ethyl. The circa on this unit is 1930. This pump has an acrylic cylinder that lights up when plugged in. It has the pump removed to save on weight. Would be great to display in a restaurant, club room, garage door, etc.

Bennett Model 1000 Kerosene gasoline pump. The circa on this item is 1927. It would have been used in country stores and service stationis to supply kerosene for lights, cooking, and heating. Totally as found in a barn in Western Maryland.

Polly Gas
ECO Cast Iron Clockface Air Meter in
untouched condition.

Agricultural Gasoline Pump

Martin Schwartz 80 Ad Top in Texaco Firechief
Wayne Model 100, restored to Sinclair Dino gasoline.
Martin Schwartz Model 80, circa 1950,  restored in Mobilgas Special
Southwest Model 72
A rare American , restored in Gilmore gas....with white porcelain faces from 1939.

Martin and Schwartz Model 80 gas pump restored to GULF gasoline. Circa 1950.


Martin and Schwartz Model 80 Ad Top pump restored to Texaco Firechief,
Circa 1950.


Martin and Schwartz Model 80 ad glass top restored in correct Sunoco Colors and style.
It has the blue and yellow site glass spinners which were only used by Sunoco

"Just taken in on trade"   Bennett Model 766 gas pump with an older restoration, not done by Severn Gas Pumps. Sinclair Dino Gasoline.  Circa 1948-1954. The unit has a few minor issues but displays quite well. We are offering it at a reduced price for a limited time. If we don't part with it, we will do a full restoration and sell it for our normal fee.

Wayne Model 80. Circa 1950. Restored to Sinclair Dino Gasoline.


"Super Chevrolet Service" single sided porcelain neon.
Manufactured by Walker & Co. Detroit.

48 inch porcelain Coke Button. Condition is good. Some chips at edge.
Original Shell Clam milk glass globe. Very good condition. Letters need repaint.
Martin and Schwartz Model 80 restored to Sinclair Dino Gasoline Circa 1950.

Martin and Schwartz Model 80 restored to GULF Gasoline.

Pennzip Ethyl Gasoline Globe on a wide milkglass body. It was manufactured from 1936 - 1941.
Perfect Condition.

Texaco White outlined "T" on glass body. Screw base design with the metal adapter. This globe is nearly mint in all aspects.

American Gas globe.
15 inch on a low profile metal body.
Pure Gasoline XCEL globe .
Somewhat rare....15 inch high profile porcelain body.
Standard Oil Crown white milk glass. Screw base design. Perfect condition.
Standard Oil Red Crown gas pump globe. Milk glass, 7 inch, screw base design. Great condition.



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