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Because of the things we restore, we are always on the lookout for the unusual. A week or two ago, we went to an auction at a warehouse of movie props. Over the years, film companies have rented gas pumps, signs and other gas and oil items for local filming of major features, from us. At the auction, I was able to aquire old original items used in the following movies….”Avalon”,” Liberty Heights”,” Diner”,” Tin Men”……all Barry Levison films. Also we got a thing or two from the movie….”My One and Only” directed by Richard Loncraine. We rented items to the later. Here is our new section detailing the sale of these pieces. Remember, as you watch the films, these items are used as set dressing and might not be too prominent.

movie props napkin holder

Old diner paper towel dispensers. New Old Stock in original boxes.
$125.00 for all.

movie props pepso clock

Original unlighted Pepsi clock. Keeps time correctly.
Has good color and appeal. Circa 1960's.
$ 175.00.


Sealtest Ice Cream painted double sided tin sign. Excellent condition but has a bit of house paint on back side. Very desirable to collectors of Ice Cream and advertising collectors in general.

Alka Seltzer counter top display with tape dispensor. Talk about a neat piece of advertising? This item looks good anywhere. Used in a Drug Store or maybe even a Country Store? Great look.

New Old Stock..... Nichol Cola embossed single sided tin sign. Terrific appeal to all.


Breyers Ice Cream sidewalk display. This is by far the nicest sign of this kind that I have ever had in stock. It is double sided porcelain in beautiful colors. It shows several chips but the shelving is thick and the main field has only one flaw. The stand is a work of art a well. Has a great patina but is still as sturdy as the first day used.

Very nice GE electric fan. Circa to be 40s/50's as to the design and appearance. Beautiful stand. Blades are near mint. Fan works.
Great piece.

Vintage Coin Op. sanitary napkin dispensor with additional drop box.
Interesting item.

Firestone Tires embossed, painted tin sign. Measures 24" by 72". Good look with slight surface rust which enhances the overall appeal.

Sherwin Williams single sided porcelain paint store sign.
Very sought after and in really good condition.

Original restroom coin operated vending machine for feminine items.

Clean restrooms double sided painted tin sign. dated 4-56. Nice overall display. $125.00.

General Tire painted tin sign. Good color and condition.
Double sided.

Lucky Day Sign. This is a flashing sign used at one time on a pinball machine. The lower machine is gone but the best part remains. This item is from the 50's and has a great appeal to everyone who has seen it so far.

American Standard lite up advertising sign. Believed it was in the movie, "My One and Only", with Renee Zelwigger and Kevin Bacon. Backdrop in the town in Missouri, I was told. Double sided New Old Stock. Can be hung or set on a post thru the mounting fixture. Nice advertising item.

Gas station map case. Unique "Maps for Sale" cabinet ith a variety of roadside maps. Has great patina and displays well.




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