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We have complete sign poles with signs. There are too many in stock to display.
Call us for a current inventory.

SSP= single sided porcelain
DSP = double sided porcelain
SST = single sided tin
DST= double sided tin
NOS=new old stock

Here we have three Coca Cola 1950's clocks. After 70 years of use, they have normal wear but are very presentable. I replaced the non-working motors with new battery powered mechs. They all keep perfect time now. 
Clocks #1 and  #2 are the very best at $295.00 each. 
Clock #3 has a small paint chip and dent at the 11 to 12 position. It is priced at $250.00

Coca Cola 1950's clocks

Coca Cola 1950's clocks

Coca Cola 1950's clocks

Standard White Crown SSP pump plate. Dated 06/51. Very good condition 12" wide by 15" high. Slight edge rust from outside use.


Goodrich Silvertown Porcelain tire sign. SSP. Heavy porcelain. Good shelving. Circa 1920's. Damage to right edge but is quite a fine display for the fact that it is around a century old.


Coca Cola embossed tin painted sign. SST. Fish tail design

Coca Cola embossed tin painted sign. SST. Fish tail design 12" by 32". Good condition. A little surface rust at one end.


Coca Cola button. Painted metal. SST

24" tin Coca Cola button. Painted metal. SST. Circa 1950's good overall condition. Has a bit of surface rust at the top edge. Displays well.


Joe's Transmission Shop sign

"Joes Muffler Shop".

Just in from a shop outside of New York City. Installed in 1960.Professionally hand lettered. Two sides. Welded steel frame with tin sides. Measures 36" high by 60" with eye hook hangers at 40" o/c. Beautifully faded and worn. A fine piece of American automotive history.


Kelly Tires Self Framed SST 60" wide by 18" high. Marked AM-9/89

Kelly Tires Self Framed SST 60" wide by 18" high. Marked AM-9/89


Purina Chowder Feed Bag. Circa 1950's. Double sided. Faded. 20" wide b 39" high.

Purina Chowder Feed Bag. Circa 1950's. Double sided. Faded. 20" wide b 39" high.


GULF Kerosene SSP pump plate. 11 1/4" wide by 8 1/2" high. NOS.

GULF Kerosene SSP pump plate. 11 1/4" wide by 8 1/2" high. NOS.


Pure Premium. SSP. 10" wide by 12" high.

Pure Premium. SSP. 10" wide by 12" high. Very nice condition. Dated I.R.48.


Gates SST embossed tin topper

Gates SST embossed tin topper. 7" high by 36" wide. Good condition.


Pioneer Seed. NOS SST Embossed. Never used. Perfect condition. 29" high by 52" long.
Three in Stock


Keen Kutter Tools Sign

Keen Kutter NOS SST Embossed. 10" high by 28" long. Perfect sign. Never used.


Camel sign

So Mild So Good Camel sign. SST. 10" high by 20" long. Nice sign.


drink dr pepper SST brick

Drink Dr. Pepper Good For Life brick. SST. 7" high by 19 1/2" long great sign.


Barq's Root Beer. SST 20" high by 28" long.


drink double cola sigh

Drink Double Cola sign. SST Embossed tacker.self framed. Beautiful graphics.
Very old. 4 1/2" high by 19 1/2" long.


GRA-Rock Ginger Ale

GRA-Rock Ginger Ale. SST Embossed 11 1/4" high by 27 3/4" long. Unique item.


Carter Carburetor SST. 9 3/4" high by 25 1/2" long. Very good condition. Colorful.


Oklahoma....1936...New Old Stock Auto tags

Oklahoma....1936...New Old Stock Auto tags. Never mounted.


Oklahoma.... 1936...New Old Stock Truck tags

Oklahoma.... 1936...New Old Stock Truck tags. Never mounted. 6" by 12 1/2"


Paymaster Seed Dealer

Paymaster Seed Dealer SST self framed. 36" by 24" very nice condition.


Oklahoma New Old Stock 1936 Bus Tags.

Oklahoma New Old Stock 1936 Bus Tags.
Complete set of two. Never mounted. 6" by 12 1/2".


Drink R PEP SST embossed soda sign. Measures 17 5/8" by 35 3/4". NOS item. Appears to have never been displayed.
Beautiful colors. Circa 1930's would be my guess.


good gulf sign

Good Gulf SSP Pump Plate Sign
11 1/2" wide by 8 1/2 " high. Nice Condition.


Pure Energee diesel pump plate

Pure Energee Diesel #2 SSP pump plate, perfect shape. 10" w. x 12" h.


Mobilgas SSP shield pump plate. Texlite-Dallas version. 12 1/2" w. x 13" h.


British Petroleum SSP pump plate

British Petroleum SSP pump plate. 8 1/2" w. x 8 1/2" h.


gulf marine pump plate

Gulf Marine SSP pump plate. Good condition. 11 1/2" w. x 8 1/2" h.


Atlantic Premium sign

Atlantic Premium SSP pump plate Very Good Condition 13" w. x 11" h.


MacMillan ring free motor oils

MacMillan Ring Free Motor Oil. DST. 30"w.x28"h.


Mobil Dealer's Pledge Sheild

Mobil Dealer's Pledge Sheild. Always mounted in restrooms as proof of cleanliness. Circa 1950. In near mint condition.


Gulf No Nox SSP pump plate

Gulf No Nox SSP pump plate. Very nice condition. 11 1/4" wide by 8 1/2" high.  


Good Gulf SSP pump plate

Good Gulf SSP pump plate. Very good condition. 11 1/4" wide by 8 1/2" high.


AMOCO Agricultural Chemicals. SS Embossed painted tin

AMOCO Agricultural Chemicals. SS Embossed painted tin. 16" long by 12" high.

NOC DST Clabber Girl Baking Powder Sign

NOC DST Clabber Girl Baking Powder Sign. Perfect condition.
34" wide by 12" high.

Amoco Credit Card DSP 15"x24"

Amoco Credit Card DSP 15"x24"

2 each Gulftane Pump Plates SSP NOS

2 each Gulftane Pump Plates SSP NOS
$185.00 each

Gulf No-Knox SSP NOS pump plate

Gulf No-Knox SSP NOS pump plate




Absolutely "Brand New"....we were able to get several of these automotive paint shop signs. We are offering them at $250.00. Size is 24" wide by 32" high. SST. Embossed alum. Manufactured by Stout Sign, St. Louis. " You can't find better than new." Never been displayed and still in factory packing.  Buy it today and keep it for future collectors.


This is a static display from an original Kolux Sign manufactured in Kokomo, Indiana. Installed in March of 1964, at the Gillette Tire Shop in Glen Burnie, Maryland.  It was half of a lighted hanging unit that was blown down in 1972 during hurricane Agnes. Agnes roared through the East Coast causing a lot of destruction. It has been warehoused for over fifty years. We were recently able to acquire it and make repairs. We trimmed off the severely damaged edges. Then glued the cracks and mounted it onto a plywood backing for support and ease in display. Overall the backer board is 96" by 60". A very unique sign. I have researched the internet and been unable to find another sign like it.


This is the saved and repaired sign from the above history. We replaced the lighting with LED tubes. We washed and polished the plastic. I had new steel back cut and fit into place. Thereby making the sign, weatherproof. It has the original hangers on top for mounting. We built a rollable case to protect it. It is a quality piece of history from a by gone era and well documented. The sign is 96 inches long by 65 inches high by 12 inched deep. Weight is a guess, as I have no way to measure that. I would say that it is several hundred pounds. This sign was designed and manufactured at a time when things were built to last.

Phillips DSP Philgas sign....propane...55" high by 48" wide.
Excellent porcelain. A few chips but overall a great sign.

"Enjoy Coke" lighted. 33" wide by 24" high by 6.5" deep

"Drink Coke" lighted. 20" wide by 11" high by 5" deep.

SSP Atlantic Gas White Flash Wayne 60 pump door. 15" wide by 41 5/8" high.

SS Painted Metal Coke sign. Circa 1960's. 12" high by 21" long by 1" thick. Some touch up.
Fair condition. Framed in finished wood.

Mobilgas Special Gasoline shield SSP pump plate. Texlite-Dallas version. 12 1/2" w. x 13" h.

Walker Muffler Sign

Walker Muffler Sign. SS Embossed tin- self framer " We Install Mufflers" 27 1/2" w. x 39 1/2" h.

Mobilgas Pegasus SSP pump sign

Mobilgas Pegasus SSP pump sign. 12" w. x 13 1/2" h.

Grant Battery Service-"Polar King" SST

Grant Battery Service-"Polar King" SST. self framed dated A-M Signs '52. 18"w.x54" h.

Texaco Diesel Chief Red SSP pump plate

Texaco Diesel Chief Red SSP pump plate. dated 3-6-62 12" w. x 18" h.

Delco Remy lighted wall/counter display sign

Delco Remy lighted wall/counter display sign. Part of United Motor Corp. Approximately 24" wide by 6" high by 6" deep.

American Brakeblok SST embossed

American Brakeblok SST embossed, self framed....very nice. 11 3/4" high by 27 3/4" long.


Triple AAA Root Beer SST. Shows some wear. 18" by 18"

Triple AAA Root Beer SST. Shows some wear. 18" by 18"

Crown Winged Power SSP Pump plate.

Crown Winged Power SSP Pump plate. 12" wide by 5 5/8" high. touched up paint at center hole.
Overall good look.

Standard Red Crown SSP pump plate. dated 1954. 12" w. x 15" h.

Shamrock Trail Master Regular. SSP 10 1/2" wide by 12 1/2" high. NOS.

Sunoco 200 SSP pump plate. 15" wide by 21" high. Hard to find sign. Fair to good condition.

Fresh out of the woods in Auburn, Alabama. We are offering a 25 foot long hexagon sign pole with a yardarm. Can be used for an hanging sign. Very sound. A little surface rust. Very heavy and straight.

Bell Public Telephone DSP Flange sign. Very good condition. 19 1/2" wide by 18" high.

Southern Telephone & Telegraph, American Telephone & Telegraph, Bell System DSP Flange sign.
12" wide by 11" high.

Bell System Public Telephone DSP Flange sign. 11" wide by 11" high.

DSP Rainbo Bread Door Push, country store item. 3" tall by 34" long by 1 1/2" high.


Dr. Pepper. SS Embossed. 12" high by 30" long. nice color.

Chesterfield Best For You. SST. Embossed...24" high by 29" long.

PAN-AM dsp sign. 48" high by 72" long.
Fair condition....one side better than the other. From the West Coast of Florida.

Time to Re-Tire FISK KID. SS embossed tin.
Lower has been hand lettered. 31.5" high by 31.5" wide. Fair condition. Very displayable.

B.F.Goodrich. SST. 29.5" high by 72" wide. Dated 1973. Good condition.

Goodyear Farm Tires DST painted. NOS. Never used. For tire display in showrooms. 28" wide by 15" high. Comes with two signs attached to bracket.

Skychief SSP Pump plate. 12" by 18" Very good condition. Dated 3-8-49

Fisk Tires and Auto Supplies. DSP Flange sign. 18" high 24.5" wide. 
One very good side and one has some discolor in one area. Very nice.

Shamrock Cloud Master Premium. SSP. 10 1/2" wide by 12 1/2" high. NOS.

Texaco Flange DSP on iron plate. Really has a good look. Age is 1920"s-1930"s ? The flange has been flattened and as you can see, a notch has been added? Very cool sign with rich history.

2 each....Toxite disinfectant one gallon cans. Rooster lithograph on both cans. From a factory in Stevensonville, Maryland.......many long years ago, as there is no zip code printed on the address. Cans are in good condition. Both are empty and have a strong smell when opened. Closed....there is no smell at all.

GLF Quality. round wall hanger.

McDonalds Golden Arches Drive Thru lighted sign. Great piece of history for kids of any age. In very good condition and crated for ease in transport. Crate is 40" high by 36" wide by 7 " thick. Can easily be shipped.

Cities Service ACME tin painted tire signs. This is a pair of two...Rustic appearance.

Exide Battery. DS metal. Dated 1-48. 20" high by 26" long. Great colors and condition.

Valvoline DST painted. 30" wide by 30" high. One side very nice, back side with flaking paint at several places on edges.
Marked "V54".

Petroleum Association Gas Station Safety Reminders, SST painted. Dated 6-63  12" wide by 18" high.

Willards SST tacker sign. SST painted. 11.5" wide by 39.5" tall. Dated 7-47

INDIAN KEROSENE DSP Flange sign on iron plate.
Very old and shows wear. Kerosene signs are very difficult to find and Indian brand is nearly impossible. Great looking piece of history.

RED CROWN GASOLINE round SSP sign. 41.25" round.
Displays well. Has some chips but is a very desirable and rare sign. Circa 1920's.

Colonial Bread Door push, country store item. 3" wide by 32" long by 1 1/2" high.

Generic "OPEN HOURS" gas station sign SSP 24" wide by 18" high.

Safeway Food Store sign SSP 18" round

Sunoco mens/ladies rest room key fobs. SSP in fair condition. Comes as a pair. 7"w. x 3" h.

Reproduction grill for a 1940's FORD. Would make a unique wall hanging. Really cool piece.

Baltimore Star Newspaper Circa 1935 SST embossed 10"x14"

SSP Coke button. 24" round. Fair condition.

Atlantic SSP sign in very good condition. 15" wide by 42" tall.

Shell Gasoline Plastic Clam. 56" high x 54" wide x 7" deep. Circa 1950s-1960s.Good color retention. Some color fade. No cracks, holes, or chips.

Standard Building Sign
SSP Self Framed in very good condition.
28" by 96" long.

Very early, circa March 1,1927, tool cabinet. Manufactured by Blackhawk Tool Company, Milwaukee, WI. 20" high by 16" wide by 9" deep. Cabinet is tin. It has been repainted in proper satin black. In very good original condition and displays well. Included is a 3/1/1927 Blackhawk wrench price guide which was inside when we purchased this unit. Very nice piece of early automotive repair shop history.

SST Dental Sweet Snuff 12" by 18". Nice tin tacker.

Goodyear DS painted metal sign. 12" high by 66" long. Nice condition.

Kerr McGee SST sign. Nice condition. 21" high by 48" long.

Kerr McGee NOS In crate....light up sign...34" high by 53" long. Works perfectly.

Atlas Oil Filter Sign SST painted. 28 1/2" w. x 8' h.

Phillips 66 DSP Shield. dated SPS '54. Near perfect condition. 29"w. x 30" h.

Knight Products 72" DSP round street pole sign.
Knight Products were a small gas and oil distributor in Springfield, Missouri. The company was in business from the 1930's until the oil embargo ofthe early 1970's. At that time, the complany was absorbed by a larger concern. Anything of Knight Products is very rare and extremely collectible. This six foot double sided porcelain sign is in very good shape. This was stored in a warehouse in Missouri for the last thirty years.

Pay Station New England Telephone & Telegraph

Pay Station New England Telephone & Telegraph, Eastern Telephone & Telegraph. DSP Flange sign.
17" wide by 20" high.

Standard' ESSO Dealer signs from early 1920's

SSP 'Standard' ESSO Dealer signs from early 1920's?

Approximately 92 inches long by 60 inches high. As stated Single Sided Porcelain Oval. Very early in good to fair condition. None are perfect condition. In a range of 1-10 where 10 is perfect, my guess is that these are in the range of 5? Has a great patina and would look great on a long wall or as a barn hanger.


Chevrolet OK Used Car 30" SSP Sign.

Chevrolet OK Used Car 30" SSP Sign. In very good original condition. Very early version where the red was not fired on porcelain but applied professionally, by hand, after the fact. Great display item. Dealer signs are very much sought after.

Firestone Tires "Most Miles per Dollar" SSP on iron plate. Very old and in very nice condition. 20" high by 48" long.

Here is an interesting Texaco Gas Station sign. It is one of the difficult to find double sided,Fiber Glass sign on a 17' steel pole. Sign is just under 8' wide. Originally this came out of Abilene, Texas. It was just painted with Rustoleum paint in the proper color scheme. We shipped one just like this to South Texas several years ago and know for a fact that this can ship motor freight. It is ready to be wired and installed.

Phillips 66 DSP Shield. dated Veribrite Chicago 9/41 Very good condition.

"Drink Mavis"...."It's Real Chocolate".... SSTacker painted tin sign. Mavis Bottling Corporation, Baltimore, MD. Circa 1920's. Very Rare sign and displays well. Cond. Grade 8   


"Mavis Chocolate Drink" cardboard poster. N.O.S. Never displayed. Circa 1922. Beautiful piece. Cond. Grade 9.

Renk Dealer sign

Renk Dealer
SST embossed, self framed... Very colorful. Caricature uses corn as head to advertise the grain dealer. 18" by 27".

Mastercraft tires sign

Mastercraft SST self framed....NOS...30" high by 45" long

Mobil oil cocony vacuum lollipop curb sign

Mobil Oil Socony Vacuum Lollipop Curb Sign Cica 1930's

This came from a collection in Northern Maryland. It looks to have been restored, (But I am not sure),
The sigh is 30" round. 64" " tall with a correct base of 24"
Very night condition and displays well.

Sinclair Dino Diesel SSP pump plate. Very hard to find. 12" w. x 13 1/2" h.

SP Coca Cola Lollipop curb sign. 62" tall with 30" porcelain disc and 22" Cast Iron Base with correct Coca Cola markings. Sign has many chips but still displays nicely. A real piece of Coke history. Not many of these around.

phillips sign pole and frame

Also from the Alabama woods. We have a complete Phillips 66 sign pole. It has the correct lower tapered pole and the Phillips 66
shield top frame in good condition. Only surface rust. Very nice condition.

Dr. Pepper Good Life Brick w/ 10,2 & 4. SST. 4" high by 19 1/2" long. Dated 1945.


Phillies America's No.1 Cigar SST Embossed. 13" high by 20 1/4" long. Very colorful.

Tiolene Motor Oils flange DST 18"x20"

Sinclair Credit Cards Honored  DSP. Very good condition on both sides. 23" long by 14 1/4" high.

Willard Battery DST. flange. N.O.S. condition. 14"w.x13 1/2"h.

Ultra Penn Motor Oil SS Embossed tin Copyright date of 1932. 21 1/2" w. x 27" h.

Square Shell Sign Insert
Circa 1978. 61" high x 59" wide x 7" deep. In near perfect condition and displays well. No structural issues. No holes, cracks or chips.

Cities Service Clean Restrooms curbside sign with Orginal Stand
Has been painted over the years but looks period perfect.
The measurements are 30 inches wide at the feet. 30 inches wide from side to side and 36 inches tall from the floor.

Sunoco "Just Ahead" with read arrow, SST tin painted, self framing and embossed.
Looks to be "New Old Stock"
22 " Tall by 70 " Long by 1" thick. Still has shipping tag on back. Beautiful sign. You won't find one nicer.

Amalie Pennsylvania Motor Oil SST painted tacker sign. Very good condition. 35 1/2" w. x 12" h.

Pennzoil Curbside Can Rack DS Tin, Painted 39" tall by 17 1/2" wide at sign.
In good condition and displays well.

SS Painted Tin. "Only Fill Up With Mobilgas." 23 5/8" by 15 3/4".

Coke Cigar-style Thermometer in working order. Painted metal. Circa 1960's.
8" wide by 29 1/2" tall.

Coca Cola DSP Fishtail Flange sign. Circa 1960's. NOS. and appears to have never been hung.
 Very nice sign.

Gulftane SSP Pump Plate Sign
11 1/2 " wide by 8 1/2 high. Good Condition.

Nichol Cola with Drum Major SST 12"x30"

Small Shell Clam sign. circa 1970s. 26 1/2 wide x 26 1/2" by high x 3" deep. In near mint condition. Great display piece. Hard to find smaller size.

Pure DSP 40" porcelain with mounting ring.
Overall with ring sign is 41" across by 1" deep. Field is in very good condition with only a few chips. Will clean up nicely.

Oval Standard DSP with Hard to find torch top
In hanging frame. One hole otherwise excellent condition.
It measures 60 inches wide by 54 inches tall from base if sigh to tip of torch.

Kendall "the 2000 Mile Oil" DST Tin Painted
24" round. Worn and rusted but has a great look.

Indian Gasoline SSP pump sign. Dated 9/41. Small version. Hard to find. Good condition. 8' w. x 12" h.

Original Mobilgas 15" Low Profile Metal Body Globe. Very Nice Condition.

Shamrock Cloud Master Premium SSP pump plate Near Mint. 10 1/2" w. x 12 1/2" h.

Shamrock Trail Master Regular SSP pump plate. 10 1/2" w. x 12 1/2" h.

Mobilgas Special Gasoline shield SSP pump plate. 12" w. x 11 1/2" h.

Original Mobil Lubrication SSP sign in very good condition. 26" wide by 10 1/2" high.

Atlantic Refining Company SSP " Fried Egg" pump sign. Circa 1920-30. 9" diameter.

Indian Gasoline SSP pump plate dated 9/40. Very good condition. 12" w. x 18" h.

Shell Square Plastic sign insert. 60" high x 58" wide x 8" deep. Circa 1960s-1970s. Some color fade. Displays nicely. Two holes. One on the side, out of view. It is the size of a silver dollar. The second is under the tip of the Shell Clam point. Hard to see as well.

Atlantic Imperial Gasoline Gold Embossed SST pump plate. 9" w. x 11 3/4" h.

Pennzoil Oval DST. painted Dated A-M 6-71 Near Mint condition. one edge shows wear. 31"w. x 18"h.

Original Mobilgas 16 1/2" Low Profile Metal Body Globe. Hard to find in his size. Very nice condition.

Sarcoxie White Lime SSP 8"x24"

Marble Head White Lime SSP 8"x24"

Pegasus Motor Spirit side 1/ Gargoyl Mobiloil side 2. DSP Flange sign. Very early and extremely rare. Small lower section of flange was cut away but does not harm the display of either side one bit. 24 1/4" wide by 15 1/2" high.

Original " Genuine Ford Parts" tin painted oval sign. Well used with one fair side. 24" wide by 16 1/2" high.

SSP Ford Tractor Neon sign. Circa 1950. New transformer. Lights green. Porcelain is in good but not perfect condition.
Very collectable sign. Looks good.
72" wide by 46" high by 10" deep.

Mobil Gas Regular Pump Plate w/ Pegasus SSP 12"x14"

Edison Battery Service SST 8"x22"

Original Contains Lead SSP pump sign 6" high by 7" wide.

Rest Room Arrow SSP 6"x19.5"

Ladies Rest Room Sign DSP 4"x15"

SSP Coke button. 24" round. Very Good Condition.

48" SSP Coke Button. Some chips at the edges. Overall in very good condition.


Coca Cola Cardboard Poster displayed in original gilded wood frame. With lower metal Coca Cola medallion.  
Circa 1941 Cond. Grade 10+ 
"Refreshment Right Out Of The Bottle"     22 1/2" W. by 32 1/4" H. by 1 1/4" D.  


Coca Cola Cardboard Poster with original gilded wood display frame. Circa 1954  Cond, Grade 10+ "Family Picnic" 21 3/4" W. by 33 1/4" H. by 1 1/4" D. 


Coca Cola Cardboard Poster displayed in original gilded wood frame. Has the lower metal Coke medallion.
Circa 1953. "Call For Coke." Cond. Grade 10+   22 1/2"W. by 32 1/2"H. by 1 1/4" D.   


Coca Cola Cardboard Poster displayed in original gilded wood frame. Has the lower metal Coke medallion.
Circa 1941.
"The Drink They All Expect." Cond. Grade 10+  22 1/2"W by 31 1/2" H. by 1 1/4" D.   

"Drink Coca Cola"  " Sold Here- Ice Cold." N.O.S. Wood framed SST Painted Dared 1923. 
56 "T. BY 20 1/2" W. by 1 1/2" D.  Cond. Grade 8.5   

NOS Double Sided steel oval with hanger. "Original Ford Parts" Sign is 24" long by 16 1/2 " high.
Bracket is 31" in length. Very rare and hard to find in any condition.

Original Mobiloil DSP Curb Sign. Keyhole style. Gargoyle Socony Cast Iron Base. Sign displays nicely.
Base 20" Sign is 37" wide by 65" tall.

Mobiloil SSP Shield dated 46. Shows some wear. 12 3/8" wide by 12" high.

Mobilgas SSP Shield SSP dated 47. 12 3/8" wide by 12" high.

GMC Trucks DSP 30" round

Delaware Punch N.O.S. SST. embossed and painted tacker sign.
Still has packing paper attached. 23" L. by 6" H. Circa 1930's.

Sinclair Opaline embossed SST NOS 12"x19.5"

International Sales and Service Motor Trucks DSP 24"x48"

Mobilgas SSP Shield dated 49. 12 3/8" wide by 12" high.

Original 3-D painted metal Pegasus designed and manufactured for Mobil by Spel Co.
Very hard to find piece. Rare. Some paint flaking.

Very Early Lighted "Tarsal Tred" Ladies Shoe counter top display sign

Metro Gasoline SSP Shield. A division of Mobil. Notice green outlines at edge and around Pegasus.
Circa 40's-50's. 12 1/2" wide by 13 1/8" high.
Rare sign.

Oshkosh Work Clothes SST NOS dated 2-48 10"x30"

Mobilgas Socony-Vacuum SSP street sign. Dated IR52 Good display piece. Great Patina.
74" wide by 72" tall.

Original left facing Mobil Pegasus. SSP in very good condition. 91" long by 70" high.
Circa 1950's.

Original SSP Pegasus Very good condition. 45" wide by 35" high.

Mobiloil DSP Curb Sign Keyhole Style. Large Socony Vacuum Cast Iron base. Porcelain displays well.
Base 32" Sign is 37" wide by 67" tall.

SST Mobil Tires signs. 2 Each. Reads Truck, Bus, Farm.
19" long by 10" deep by 10" high.

Mobil Oil DSP Curb Lollipop Sign. Cast Iron Socony-Vacuum base. Sign has been professionally restored.
Base is 24". Sign is 30". Overall height is 64".

Mobilgas Dealer Restroom Customer Pledge Shield. SSP "Mint" condition. Very sought after.
7 1/2" wide by 8" high.

"Drink Coca Cola" DS Painted Flange sign. Dated 9-40. "New Old Stock" Never hung...Complete with a bag of mounting hardware and two wind braces. There are two small areas of paint loss due to handling. Cond. Grade 9+   24" W. by 20 1/2" H. by 2" flange offset. 25" wind braces.

Original right facing Mobil Pegasus. SSP in very good condition. Dated 51.
91" long by 70" high.

Gargoyle Mobiloil SSP 19.5"x24"

Small SSP Pegasus 16" long by 11 1/2" high.

Very Early Lighted "Air Magic" Mens Shoe counter top display sign

"New Old Stock" 1947 Coca Cola SST Painted tin tacker sign still in original wooden packing crate. Includes two wood crates of N.O.S.white courtesy panels as well....appear to be 11 of these? Courtesy panels were supplied to stores to be used in conjunction with Coke signs. The store would have a local sign painter apply their name or message. Sign is 32" H. by 68" L. Courtesy signs are 8" H. by 63" T. Cond. Grade 8+   A real piece of unused history.

Mobil Island Light Box. 38" long by 16 1/2" high by 19" deep. Lights and displays well.

Texaco Certified Service DSP 30"x30"

2 each
Texaco Skychief Curved Pump Plates SSP dated 3-40 for Visible Gas Pumps. 8"x12"


Gulf Dieselect  SSP pump plate. Excellent condition. Very difficult to find Diesel sign. 10 1/2" wide by 8 1/2" high.


Mens Restroom Sign w/mounting bracket DSP 9"x16"

SST Painted ESSO Verified Lubrication. Dated 1939. The tin sign has been remounted on a wood frame as it originally was. The manufacturer and addressee are clearly stenciled on the back. 73" long by 38" high by 1 1/2" thick. Very nice display piece.

Original Mobilgas " Just Ahead" roadside sign. SST Embossed and painted. Self framed with wood framed back.
Very nice original condition. 46" wide by 58" high.

Self framed Mohawk Quality Recapping SST tire sign 17"x58.5"

SSP Mobilgas thermometer. Tube is broken, but there. Nice vintage piece with great patina.
4 1/4" wide by 34 3/4" tall.

Atlantic SSP 44"x74" in wood frame.

Ford Truck Economy Run SST 12"x18" orange reflective paint on black background.
Used directional markers during race.

Drink Coca Cola- Self Service lighted wall/counter sign. Circa 1953 Cond. Grade 9+  19 3/8" W. by 9" H. by 5" D.

Marine Products with Pegasus. Socony-Vacuum products. Self framed SS embossed painted metal. Wood frame back.
Very rare item.
60" wide by 36" high.

"Drink Coca Cola" lighted display sign. Neon Products, Lima, OH. Circa 1953  Cond. Grade 8+   16" round by 4 ' deep.

"ROOMS" DST Neon Sign in Beautiful Original Working Order 12"tallx36"long

Super Greyhound Motor Fuel DSP very rare and desirable 34"x58.5"

Self framed Filmoil SST NOS 11.5"x71.5"

Tuckers Adobe Service Station from Oklahoma Ghost Town SST NOS 14"x20"

"Rainbo is Good Bread" Door Push "T" Shaped SST 15"x22"

Gibbs Barber Pole flange DSP 16"x29"

"Drink Coca Cola" lighted display sign. Circa 1950 Early version using a squared corner can. Neon Products, Lima, OH. Cond. Grade 8+.   16" round by 4" deep. 

Coca Cola lighted counter sign. Mfg. Neon Products, Lima, OH. Circa 1951 Cond.
Grade 9+ 11" W. by 12" H. by 7.5" D.

"Drink Coca Cola" SST painted. Self framed and N.O.S. Never hung. Circa 1947. 58 1/2" L. by 24" H. by 1 1/2" D.
Cond. Grade 9+ 

Very Early Texaco Shepard's Hook sign and pole. Circa 1930's. DSP reads Gasoline, Motor Oil.
Great Texaco historic piece in very nice condition. Very collectable.

"Drink Coca Cola" SST painted. Wood framed and dated 1-48. This piece is N.O.S.   
Cond. Grade 8+  59 1/2" L. BY 24" H. by 1 1/2" D.

Self framed King Midas Flour SST 13"x39"

"Super Chevrolet Service" single sided porcelain neon.
Manufactured by Walker & Co. Detroit.


Mobil Lubrication painted metal. Repro sign. Chipping paint at edges. 29" wide by 12" high.

Mobiloil Vacuum DSP alum. hanging shield. 24" by 24"

"Drink Delicious Delaware Punch" flange sign. DS Painted metal. Circa 1940. N.O.S. Never hung.  Cond. Grade 8+  
17 3/4" L. by 9 1/4" H by 2" flange.  

DSP Mobilgas Hanging street sign. Dated IR38. Very good condition.
56" wide by 56" high.

48" Round Plastic Lighted Mobilgas Pegasus wall hanging sign. New transformer and LED lights. Works very well.

Mobilgas SSP Shield dated 49. 12 3/8" wide by 12" high.

NOS Mobilfuel Diesel 13 1/2" Globe in original shipping box. Perfect Condition and very rare.

Mobil Road Maps painted tin map rack.
15" wide by 24" high.

White Horse Pennsylvania Motor Oil....Rare Sign... SSP in very nice condition. Great colors and gloss.
25" wide by 18 1/2" high.

Original Mobil Gas "Just Ahead" road side sign. Self framed embossed painted meta. Professionally restored.
46" wide by 58" high.

Mobilgas Special SSP Shield dated 47. Near "Mint" condition. 12 3/8" wide by 12" high.

Mobil Oil Hours of Operation. SST - Unique Sign- Self framed in wood.
50 1/4" wide by 22 1/4" high.

48 inch porcelain Coke Button. Condition is good. Some chips at edge.

Self framed Gates Tires SST 13.75"x71"




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