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N.O.S Truck vinyl decals. Circa 1970

6 each N.O.S Truck vinyl decals. Circa 1970. 52" wide by 32" high. 

$95.00 a piece

N.O.S Vinyl Texaco pump signs to overlay the Skychief pump plates.

14 each N.O.S Vinyl Texaco pump signs to overlay the Skychief pump plates. Circa 1970. 12" wide by 18" high.

$25.00 a piece


Red gasoline metering can

Red gasoline metering can. Very nice condition. 10" round by 26" high.


Windshield Washer Box

Windshield Washer Box. Very good condition with mounting hanger included. 12" wide by 29" high by 7" deep.


5 gallon gasoline measuring can

5 gallon gasoline measuring can. 10" round by 22" high. No rust through. With tight fitting lid. Very nice shape.



Sinclair 5 gallon gasoline/oil can

Sinclair 5 gallon gasoline/oil can. 11" round by 18" high. Good used condition. Missing small cap on pour spout.



Gasoline/fuel delivery truck meters.

3 each. Circa 1970's Gasoline/fuel delivery truck meters. 12" wide by 12" high by 9" deep. Manufactured by Lockheed. Great condition. Complete.

$50.00 a piece

Wayne 60 Window surround with all trim.

Wayne 60 Window surround with all trim. Everything is there to just bolt on, or display as automobilia?
Several complete sets to choose from.

$200.00 each 


Gilbert and Barker Model 106 visible gas pump internal pumping unit with plumbing.

Gilbert and Barker Model 106 visible gas pump internal pumping unit with plumbing. Very difficult to find parts.
10" wide by 24" high by 14" deep.


Texaco shop service machines. 30 gallon barrels

2 each Texaco shop service machines. 30 gallon barrels.
One is for grease and the other 90 weight lube oil. Both are on wheels. They are perfect examples of what were used in a Texaco gas station in the seventies. Condition is good for display. They might even be functional but I do not know.

$300.00 each

Texaco service manuals

Texaco service manuals

Texaco service manuals

Texaco service manuals. A few for farm equipment but most are auto repair with all sorts of interesting knowledge through-out. Too many to show but happy to send additional pictures if interested.Condition is good on all.

$35.00 each manual.

Commercial Grocery Coffee Grinder by Hobart

Commercial Grocery Coffee Grinder by Hobart. Just like the one in use at my local A&P Food Store in the 50's.
Clean. Heavily built. Lights and works well.


cast iron country store counter top wrapping paper dispenser

Just in...Cast Iron Country store "Counter Top Wrapping Paper Dispenser."
In times past, the local country store or hardware used paper to wrap all items that were sold.
This is an old paper holder with a cutting bar which makes it very handy.
Can be displayed or used if needed for packing.


Hot Drink dispenser with porcelain inserts and one mixer

Hot Drink dispenser with porcelain inserts and one mixer. Appears to be nickel or silver plated?
Very unique piece.


Juice King soda fountain juicer.

Juice King soda fountain juicer. 9" by 11". Great piece of fountain equipment. Works perfectly.


shell selling library

shell selling library


shell selling

This is a call back to the 1970s when training was done in house for all new hire employees of local Shell service stations. This kit includes a personal projector with headphones. 14" long x 9" wide x 10 1/2" high. In perfect working condition. Next, there are 15 labeled reference tapes that are preloaded and simply pop into the projector. These cover cooling systems, sales, lubrication, etc. Included are several work books and Shell instruction manuals. Comes with two original carrying cases. Projector case is 20 1/2" long x 10 1/2" wide x 13 1/2" high.   Reference film case is 22 1/2" long x 16 1/2" wide x 8 1/2" high. A unique and workable system from over 35 years ago.





3 each N.O.S. Texaco oil filters. Perfect for setting up a Texaco period correct display of times past. Listed as T-1-F. 4" round by 5 3/8" high.

Texaco 6 volt store display battery. N.O.S. Econo Chief version. Very rare. These were generally tossed out, as they were not functionable. For display only.

Texaco-Havoline five gallon can. Circa 1960. 11" round by 18" high. Overall good used condition.

2 each Texaco SST one sided signs. 42" wide by 24" high. Some light surface rust. Colorful and in good condition.

2 each Texaco Firechief DST signs. 16 1/4" wide by 18 1/4" high.

Cigarette Vending Machine. All parts are complete. Coin mechanism is there.
Lights work and mirror is good. License sticker is from the 1950's.

Kwik Kafe' vending machine. Ten cents a cup for coffee or hot chocolate. Circa 1960's This company is still in business in Bluefield, Va. It features a water heater, refrigerated top bin for milk and cold needs coin mech. stainless steel cup silo. Key locks with keys. Fun item for the shop or game room.

I have a lot of friends who have built old Gas Stations on their properties....for display only.  They have even included old offices with oil cans, tires, batteries, etc. Then they found old office machines of the correct circa for the finishing touch.  I was lucky enough to come across these two. I have no knowledge of what type they are or if they work but the fact is that they look cool and are period correct for the 1940's into the 1960's

This adding machine is manual and obviously the older of the two.

Three cans restored to Mohawk Gasoline

Reproduction Milk Glass, wide body Mobil gas pump globe on a lighted base for display.
Base is powder coated red with cord and switch. Very collectable. Perfect condition.

Lot of 28 Collectable 12 oz. Beer Cans.
I know very little about beer cans except that I sometimes enjoy the contents!
These came out of a buy in Alabama. All are empty. All appear to be tab top.

Very early Guaranteed Liquid Measure "Fry" cast iron base cover plate.
15 1/2" across. Originals are difficult to find.

Three 8 inch wagon wheels. Circa 1950's Very nice original condition.

Very nice Poly Gas wall sconce. New item. This is an after market sconce. It is powder coated black and wired for light. Poly globe is a reproduction in new condition.

Very rare item. Much sought after. Circa 1950's. DSP Pegasus atop an all brass pole, brass arrow and directional letters. New tail just machined along with mounting rings. New steel display base is included.

Roar with Gilmore


Original Low Profile 15" WocoPep Gasoline globe on metal body. Circa 1932 -35.
One lense has a small crack as can be seen.


Texaco Skychief 13 1/2 " lenses on milkglass body with metal filter base. Very Early Original.
Circa 1944-58. Lenses show wear but displays very nicely.

Original GULF Balcrank Model 1944 90 weight axle oiler on original Gulf barrel. 18" round x 38" h.

12" by 27" Etched Ten Gallon Clear Glass Visible Gas Pump Cylinder. Minor chips/flakes at edges.

Cavalier 10 case Coke machine. Circa 1940's-50's. This is the first refrigerated chest produced by Cavalier. If you look closely, you will see that this is an older professional restoration, done very nicely. Overall this chest is in great condition. I just had the mechanical reworked. New compressor which runs very cold. I checked it for two days and it held 30 degrees or lower throughout.  This is a fine machine for display, daily use or party fun.


Eco 97 air meter.  Restored to Poly Gas.  Lighted. Older restoration, not by us.


Beautifully Restored Meter Products Double Headed Parking Meter. Operable with difficult to find key. 15" w. x 53" h.

ECO Islander Air Water Tower with Light. Completely grade #1 restoration. It is perfect and everything works. All hardware is chrome or stainless steel. Approximately 10" wide x 16" deep x 96" tall. Light post and shade come off to ship. Extremely difficult to find this unit, complete and functioning.

Mobilube Grease Barrel. Empty of the contents and rusty but displays very well.
27" tall by14" wide.


Pure Oil

Vendo Model 44 Coke Machine. Condition is good. Could use a restoration, or use as is. Runs very well with a cold compressor. Complete including coin mech. Circa 1950's

DSP Pegasus Weather Vane Top. 26 1/2" wide by 201/2" high

30 Gallon Mobil Oil Lubster with Bennett crank pump. Original flaking paint and water transfer decal.
23" wide by 10" deep by 51" tall.

Eco 93 air islander. Restored to Sinclair Gasoline. Lighted. Older restoration, not by us.

Sinclair Aircraft

Mobiloil Rack with 6 Quart Glass Bottles, spouts and 5 caps. Rack has the Original SS Porcelain Shield.
Bottles lift out in carrier.
Very rare find. 16" wide b4

Eco 97 air meter. Lighted. Restored to Texaco with air/water option plumbed to function. Older restoration, not by us.

Stoner Candy Machine Pink and aqua in color. 8-Pull. Circa 1950's. Complete inside. Slight damage to upper right corner.

Stoner Candy Machine. Yellow 6-Pull in good condition. Circa 1950's. Complete inside.
Display or restore. Nice machine.
$995.00 - SOLD

Certified history is that it was Hand Manufactored and is an M&H Armitage Mouse Hole Anvil, circa 1820-1835.
Stampings can be made out on side of the anvil. It is marked for weight using the British stone system. It weighs 93 U.S. pounds. Serial number is stamped on the front. The square holes were referred to as mouse holes and were used to fasten the anvil to a wooden base.

$495.00 - SOLD




Sinclair Dino



Texaco Ethyl



Sinclair Dino

Two cans restored to Gulf Gasoline

Vendo Model 81B Coke Machine. Can be used as is or restored. Nice original condition.
Compressor runs well and cold. Circa 1950's


Mobil Pegasus License Plate Topper. SS Embossed painted tin. 61/2" wide by 53/8" high.

Two cans restored to Tydol-Flying A Gasoline

Two cans restored to Texaco Gasoline

12 1/2" by 26" Perfect Blue Glass Visible Gas Pump Cylinder.

Mobil Gas 5 gallon measuring can.

Alemite Grease Pump With Meter All Original

Mobiloil 90 weight gear oil lubester.
Manfactured by the Bennett Pump Co. Older restoration. Displays very well.
12" long by 9"wide by 27" high.

Early Mobil Battery Charger. Circa 1960's?
8" wide by 9" deep by 16" tall. Workability is unknown.

Stoner Candy Machine. 8- Pull Model. Unrestored condition. Tan paint. Missing mirror. Circa 1950's.
Complete inside.

ECO Model 98 pedestal air meter. Old restoration to Mobilgas with a lighted milk glass globe on top.
Great patina to use as is or can be a restoration project for the new owner.
Very sought after item. Unit is complete, as far as we can tell.
With globe 60" tall by 12" deep by 12" wide.

Fully Restored Murray Pedal Car circa 1960's

Fully Restored Murray Pedal Car circa 1950's

Fully Restored TriCycle circa late 1940's






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